Would you like a free guide explaining where is the best place to bet?

Would you like a free guide explaining where is the best place to bet?

Many of you will bet with a bookmaker right now, but is it better to move your funds to a betting exchange and use that platform for your betting?

I have put together a short E-book of 1000 word which explains all this and will help you decide whether the bookmakers the exchanges are the best place for you to bet.

Depending on how you bet will depend on which method is best for you and you will realise this when reading the E-book. Some people will gain more benefits from using bookmakers, while others will see an advantage from the betting exchanges, it is dependent on how you bet.

By reading the E-book, you will learn about the following:

  • What both the bookmakers and betting exchanges can offer you in terms of prices, offers and everything else.


  • Which method will best suit the different types of betting. We all bet in different ways, match your style to the best platform and you will see your betting profit rise.


  • Do you need an account with both? Not many people like to have multiple accounts, but with so many choices is it now a necessity to have an account with a bookmaker and one with a betting exchange?


  • What approach should you take? All the key points are laid out, simply match those to the way you bet and decide which bets need to be placed on the exchanges and which need to be placed with bookmakers.
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