Sammy Punterlini

The Accountant

    Sammy Punterlini, known as “The Accountant”, does not put forward any advice without first crunching the numbers. Sammy is a percentages guy and always likes to have statistics on his side. He is forever burning the midnight oil to try to dig out a nice little earner.

    The Accountant is very much a “horses for courses” man. He believes that there is no better form than a previous performance in almost identical conditions. He applies this strategy not only to racing, but also to golf and tennis. Sammy is never put off by fancy prices. Some of his selections have been known to raise a few eyebrows around the office but he can always back them up with meticulous research.

    Sammy insists that knowing what cannot win is the key to success. If the evidence does not stack up, Sammy won’t be investing. When The Accountant’s selections are backed up by a market move, he is rarely far wide of the mark. Sammy is a passionate golfer and is fascinated by the mental aspect of the game. His favourite player is Jordan Spieth while his football allegiance rests with Premier League side Southampton. His dream is to win enough money to buy the club and turn them into a “Little Italy”!